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Welcome to Restore Physiotherapy.


My name is Aishling  and I’m an established men and women’s health physiotherapist, passionate about helping you restore movement and function.  If you’re experiencing any of the following, then my practice is for you; pelvic floor dysfunction, urinary or faecal incontinence/ urgency, pelvic organ prolapse, pain with intercourse or women who have experienced perineal trauma or stomach muscle separation following childbirth. 


A number of my patients are individuals who have been diagnosed with Breast, Gynae or Prostate Cancer. This patient group often experience difficulties restoring function either through cancer related fatigue or side effects due to treatment. This led me to become the first physiotherapist in the UK to be trained in the Sharon Wheeler ScarWork Therapy (R) method; a very gentle and effective massage therapy technique for individuals who are struggling with scar tightness, restrictions or pain. 

I am HCPC Registered, and hold membership to the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy, the Association of Continence Advisors, Pelvic, Obstetric and Gynaecological Physiotherapy (POGP) and the International Urogynecological Association. 

I currently run two clinics in Tonbridge, Kent and Brentwood, Essex. I pride myself on making my patients feel at ease through open and honest communication.

Empowerment is key. By helping my patients understand their own health and providing information and guidance, they will restore confidence and restore movement...

Welcome to Restore Physiotherapy.



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Women's health physiotherapy is the therapeutic treatment of all conditions affecting the pelvis, the pelvic floor and the core. From incontinence to pelvic organ prolapse, pain with intercourse to post natal review, tummy muscle separation, constipation or Gynaecological Pre/ReHab there is a growing body of evidence that women's health physiotherapy can alleviate, restore and strengthen these systems and re-establish function and improve quality of life.

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Men's Health Physiotherapy covers all areas of physiotherapy relating to incontinence, overactive bladder, bowel dysfunction, pelvic pain and sexual and erectile dysfunction. Our physiotherapist, Aishling offers a discreet, professional and confidential service to help you get back on track.


Helping You Move

ScarWork Therapy is a new form of therapy within the UK after first being devised by Sharon Wheeler in the USA some years ago.
Scarwork is a very gentle, relaxing treatment administered without oils or lotions directly to the scar. As scar tissue is dense and stronger than normal tissue it can often restrict movement and create discomfort through the tissue and surrounds areas.The adhesions that develop from scar tissue are both at skin level and deeper within the connective tissue. ScarWork Therapy aims to lessen the impact of the scar tissue; allowing areas that feel tight or 'stuck' to move more easily. Aishling performs ScarWork therapy on most of her surgical patients- from mastectomy to abdominal patients, great results have been seen in only a few sessions.

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A physiotherapy service dedicated to helping individuals who have undergone breast, gynae or prostate cancer surgery or adjunct therapies 

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Mrs W, Kent 

I can’t  believe it’s taken me 20 years to see someone like you- why aren’t you shouting from the roof tops the amazing work you do! Your help and advice has changed my life, I can not thank you enough (2019) 

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