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Passionate about helping you restore movement and function no matter what stage of life you’re at.

Hello and Welcome to Restore Physio

My name is Aishling and I am an established Chartered Physiotherapist. Over the years I have treated many patients with a variety of conditions, often with symptoms that have been present for a long time. Through a detailed assessment and treatment plan my patients are empowered to take charge of their condition and ultimately lead a healthy and fulfilling life.

My area of expertise lies in men and women’s health; if you are experiencing any of the following, then my practice is for you:


Pelvic Health


Antenatal, Postpartum and Lactation Physiotherapy


Cancer Rehab (Breast, Gynecological and Prostate)


Surgical Rehab


ScarWork Therapy

Pelvic Health

Helping you to regain confidence

Mummy Matters

Supporting you pre and postnatally

Men’s Health

Getting you back
on track

Cancer Rehab

Taking care of you when you need it most

ScarWork Treatment

Helping you heal and


After sustaining a 3rd degree tear with my first child, I experienced pain with intercourse. As difficult as this was, my main worry was my bladder and bowel urge, often just making it in time and on some occasions experiencing acidents. Fearful of returning to exercise, intimacy or work a friend mentioned you and my life has changed dramatically since our first session in November. With your help and guidance I'm back to the gym and now feel able to think about growing our family. Truly grateful for all you have done.

I can’t believe it’s taken me 20 years to see someone like you - why aren’t you shouting from the roof tops the amazing work you do! Your help and advice has changed my life, I can't thank you enough (2019)

I can highly recommend Aishling! It took me a while to pluck up the courage to book in with her but I am so pleased that I did. Aishling is caring and sensitive and great at putting you at ease. I’d seen another pelvic floor physio years ago and it hadn’t helped. Aishling was totally different, she worked with me and built up a programme that really worked. In three months, I’ve gone from being nervous about going out without a pad, on to being confident enough to doing an exercise class without one! I’ve regained the confidence to exercise again and Aishling has helped me to understand how and when to exercise to keep on top of things. I really feel I’ve been put back in control of my life!


The Tonbridge Clinic

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KIMS Hospital Maidstone